Thursday, February 2, 2012


Have I ever told you how much I hate running?  I HATE RUNNING!! But I love it too.  I get such a high when I've completed a good run.  And when I say a good run I mean 2  That's a good run for this short legged girl.  I am working on it though....
Update time!!!  Nothings changed...that's kinda sad and disheartening to share with ya'll.  But it's the truth.  I still get complements everyday but nothing has really changed.  The weight I am now is a comfortable weight for me....but I'm not stopping!  I just know that I need to do something different.  I've started lifting weights, so I know that's gonna change things up and I'm thinking about doing something different with my food.  Just need to research it a little more. 
I will say that I can actually say I love myself again.  I'm not completley satified with how I look, but I have all the confidence in the world!  That alone is an amazing feeling to have again.  I feel proud to be a mommy and a wife again.  I have balance and stability in my life.  I never knew how important taking time to care for yourself and have time alone could effect my everyday life.  When I am exercising, it's my time to focus on me.  Every momma needs "me time."

Thursday, January 5, 2012

20 More!

The update…. I am now down 42 lbs and 63 inches.  That means I have lost all my baby weight plus 2 more!  I couldn’t be happier with my progress.  Although the holidays have thrown me a little off my game, I’m back on it hard and heavy.  And I am loving every moment of it!!  Well that’s a little drastic but I am starting to really enjoy my workouts.  I’ve started doing an adult cross training class one time a week.  It’s brutal!! But Ben really knows what he is doing and hasn’t killed me yet.  Although he had me doing some exercises that I thought would be the death of me.  I’ve even considered giving him my emergency contacts just in case I do fall out dead.  Which by the way would be a slow painful death!  Only kidding.  I can really start seeing results.  Especially in my clothes.  I can fit into all the pre maternity clothes…some of them I would not go into public wearing but they fit! Thank you Ben!  I wouldn’t be where I am without your help. 
 So from here, I’d like to lose at least another 20.  It is gonna be a hard 20 though.  What is it with the last 20?  I see this all the time….it’s a curse or something.  Well I am determined to beat it.  I’m gonna lose this dang 20 pounds!  Before swimsuit season is my goal!  With that being said…. HERE’S TO 20 POUNDS!  Who’s with me??

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here's to an update!

So yes….it’s been a while.  A long while actually.  But to my defense, I’ve been so busy with school stuff and a growing baby.  Plus, I’m addicted to Pinterest!  But on a good note, I am taking the time to post today!
Here’s the update.  I’m down 33 pounds!  That’s only 7 pounds away from my goal!!  My first goal that is.  I have 1 whole month to lose those 7 pounds and that’s making it through Halloween…Lord help me!  I was telling my mom how unreal it felt to have lost 33 pounds.  In my head I knew I could never stay at the weight I was, but then it never seemed realistic for me to lose the weight.  Does that make sense?  60 pounds….did I really need to lose 60 pounds?  Could I lose 60 pounds?  I’ve never had to lose 60 pounds before…that thought just kept taunting me!  But here I am…Over half way there and I feel great.  And out of all honestly, it’s not been too bad.  Yes, I’ve wanted to cheat and yes, I’ve dreaded my workouts.  But it’s been so exhilarating pushing myself and seeing results.  If I was a druggie I would say weight loss is my high!! Lol! But I’m not…no worries.
I will express something that has been difficult for me.  It’s hard for me to take compliments.  And I know people are just being nice and noticing…and I want them to, but it’s so hard to say thank you!  And then say those numbers again…those taunting numbers when people ask.  It’s so difficult.  I did get the sweetest compliment from a very nice older man at the gym.  He said “young lady…I do believe you are losing weight!  Your face is getting skinny!”  That one I didn’t have a hard time saying thank you to.
What I have realized over the last several months is that it is possible.  If I can do this…if I can change my eating habits, if I can make exercising just a part of my day, I can get a high from losing weight….ANYONE can do it.  And that’s my drive right now….

i promise to blog tonight!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So tonight I went grocery shopping when I was hungry!  Bad, bad, bad idea!  Took everything I had to walk out of that store with a gallon of snickers ice cream and a pizza!  But I didn’t!  Ordered my Subway sandwich and had it eaten by the time I got to the end of Military Road. 
Let me talk about my weekend.  In my last blog I discussed how I never do well traveling, especially with my parents and especially at my grandparents.  Oh and the cookies!  Well….you’ll be happy to know I didn’t gain!  Didn’t lose but didn’t gain.  Huge accomplishment for me.  No I didn’t eat exactly as planned but I did watch my portion and filled out on lettuce.  The trick I used was using a smaller plate and not the dinner plate.  It was a little awkward though.  People stare when you do things differently.  Then it becomes topic of conversation how Jamie is losing weight and doing so well.  I like attention but not when it comes to my weight.  The last thing I want to talk to my relatives about is how much weight I gained and how much I have to lose.  Not that they judge, just not a topic I want to be the center of.  Another thing I did was track EVERYTHING that went in my mouth!  EVERTHING!!  Garlic bread and cheese cake are loaded with fat and calories BTW.  Haha.
My week is going great!  Loving my new exercises and sticking to my “diet” fantastically well!  Thank you Cheri for talking me out of eating those Oreo’s.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


I’m never doing sit ups again!  Hurts to laugh, breath, bend, cough, or think!  Naaa I’m only playing.  I’ll do ‘em again just not with Jami Nalley.  Haha. 
I’ll be traveling this weekend to visit my family in Texas.  Traveling is really hard for me.  That jar of cookies is daunting!  Plus I’m with my dad, the Italian man.  We like to eat!  But I’m gonna prepare myself for this trip.  Only drinking water, taking my own snacks, and paying the extra $3 for an overpriced salad at any restaurant we eat at.  Probably won’t be able to do much of a workout, because of where I will be staying, but we’ll see?  Maybe I’ll shop instead!