Thursday, February 2, 2012


Have I ever told you how much I hate running?  I HATE RUNNING!! But I love it too.  I get such a high when I've completed a good run.  And when I say a good run I mean 2  That's a good run for this short legged girl.  I am working on it though....
Update time!!!  Nothings changed...that's kinda sad and disheartening to share with ya'll.  But it's the truth.  I still get complements everyday but nothing has really changed.  The weight I am now is a comfortable weight for me....but I'm not stopping!  I just know that I need to do something different.  I've started lifting weights, so I know that's gonna change things up and I'm thinking about doing something different with my food.  Just need to research it a little more. 
I will say that I can actually say I love myself again.  I'm not completley satified with how I look, but I have all the confidence in the world!  That alone is an amazing feeling to have again.  I feel proud to be a mommy and a wife again.  I have balance and stability in my life.  I never knew how important taking time to care for yourself and have time alone could effect my everyday life.  When I am exercising, it's my time to focus on me.  Every momma needs "me time."

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